Writing a confirmation letter to my son

You can do it much earlier and give them treasures to keep in their treasure box, to reopen later and remember that they are loved and that you will be there for them as long as you can. Next Joshua, The sacrament of confirmation completes the sacrament of baptism.

Dear Patrick, Two Sundays ago, you stood before our church with other members of your confirmation class and promised to be faithful to the church and support it with your prayers, presence, gifts, and service. Try, it is just a letter. I know God has a special plan for you and I look forward to helping you figure out what that might be.

Their points initalics, and my responses are highlighted. I hope to buy the DVD when it comes out to donate it to our parish. Funny how that works.

Not everyone is blessed with a gift to make people laugh. You have that gift. May God guide you to where there is sun and warmth, but make sure you remember rain and cold, so you appreciate all that is good in life. We admire the way you look forward, and search for solutions to the problems facing our world today.

A Letter of Encouragement to My Son

You are determined and dedicated. This is something that is fundamentally missing from the marital act with artificial contraception.

This is a letter to my Son Joshua on his Confirmation Day.

When I was pregnant with you the midwife was always amazed at how big you were getting inside of my stomach.

You accept everyone, just the way they are. The stories of other characters a preacher, a selfish business man, a young woman caring for her mother with dementia, a successful blogger who faces a devastating diagnosis, and a Muslim convert to Christianity are woven into the plot line until they are….

I know it did for me when I went through the same class more than 35 years ago.

I Believe in You (4): The letters

Thinking of him growing up in a world that applauds bold and brash is scary. We love it when you tell us that you are going to look after us when we are old. We especially love the way you take the time to really listen to people. With the effort and care you put into things now, this will not be difficult for you.

Life has been rocky in our household and we are stunned at how well you have coped and grown in spirit, and used all those tough times to make you stronger. You have a great sense of humour, which you share freely with others, you can entertain people and put them at their ease.

I have learned through the years that when I make my contribution to the church first, I seem to have so much more later. You do not have to wait until your kids become teenagers to do it, either. You are my gentle giant. I originally posted this on January 21, The time has flown by for me! I love your bright blue eyes, all of those freckles and dimples.

Already you have volunteered to be a greeter at the doors where your service is held. We enjoyed it as a family, but I would also recommend this movie for church youth groups and homeschooling groups.

Daily we watch you find the beauty in the world; the best in other people and the silver lining to every cloud.Confirmation letter to my daughterConfirmation letter to my fourth sonConfirmation letter to to my third son I've asked my children what they remember about the letter they got from me and their dad, and also what they remembered about the letters they received.

Home» Family Matters» Parenting» I Believe in You (4): The letters. I wrote about what happened when I asked the parents to write a letter to their kids.

Just a quick note to you and the team at Together for Humanity to say thank you so much for asking my son to your camp.

He came home a very positive and happy young man. A Letter of Encouragement to My Son. Little Man, my soon-to-be 6-year-old, is our middle child. I decided to write him a letter, for later. He. Join my e-mail list and receive a free PDF file on Writing a Letter to Your Confirmation Candidate with prompts and a checklist!

My Dearest Daughter, I cannot believe that you are old enough to make your confirmation!! You are my son, my loved child. Mom Comments for A Letter to My Son Upon His Confirmation. Click here to add your own comments.

Beautiful Letter To Your Son by: Annie Desantis Thank You Vicki, Your letter has the most beautiful imagery, thank you for sharing it with us. What a lovely way to.

how to write a confirmation letter of my niece shes taking a baptism this sept and im a godmother i need to write a confirmation letter as a godmother and i dont know how todo it or how to start any one help please thanks.

Writing a confirmation letter to my son
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