Why ride the bus essay

Then the next person steps on. Riding on the bus is also much less stressful than driving! Transportation can also level the playing field for low income individuals or anyone who does not own a vehicle.

You could ride up the river and transfer at the points the bus route crosses it. For those of you interested in leaving that car at home, these tips discuss the merits of public transportation as well as offer suggestions for how to expand and improve public transportation in your community.

Older people must realize that there are people out there that deserve the free bus passes but must make due on their own. Once aboard, nothing you can do can make it go any faster. But the smell of sweat from soaked clothes dominates them all. Everybody knows that the elderly drivers cause dangerous situations and accidents on the road.

It is on the RTA where people are constantly coming to view the remarkable art work which all began from that first stroke.

There is a sign in the Why ride the bus essay of each bus that says that the front seven seats, most of which face sideways, must be vacated for seniors and the handicapped. He no longer has to worry rough his boss, the food not scanning correctly, bags ripping, or spills in aisle four.

Should the Elderly Receive Free Bus Rides?

It would be a different kind of zen, but it would put nice parentheses around your work day. They seem to have disregarded that they once, too, had to stand and wait, in either weather, to pay for their ride.

It felt like my foot was smashed under a bulldozer.

Essay: The Zen on a City Bus

They soon lose the ability and confidence to do things on their own. If someone asks how does a crowded bus smell, the answer is simple: However, some aspects of the bus remain consistent. She requires money for medicine and food. This is a scientifically proven fact. It is as if theyve been brainwashed.

After the first step onto a muckle, it is evident that that particular ride will be comparable no other before. This photograph goes from a basic idea of a place, to a brainy place where community are always engaging into parley giving the atmosphere a sense of warmth.

Many remit an RTA four-in-hand as merely another vehicle. Many people do not have money to even ride the bus so they walk, because they use all the money they have to feed their family and put a roof over their heads.

On the one hand, the elderly should not pay for public transport, because they are limited in their finance. Yes, because the bags contained something metallic in them.

When they board, the bus driver asks anyone sitting there to move, then raises the seat, lets the person park the scooter in the now-empty space, and then anchors the scooter with a mini seat belt located near the floor. One woman did have an argument-- over the course of many blocks-- with her mother on her cell phone.

Elderly people are old but that does not mean that they should get special treatment. The elderly already get sympathy for almost everything they do. But all I could see was the crowd — the heads of passengers which were ever increasing with every stop.

Some elderly people will snarl if you try to pity them. The soldiers who lost limbs fighting and having to go through the pain of losing that limb should have the free passes not the old people who must sit on the communities shoulders and ride it out until they pass away.

We calculated that buses only need to carry people to break even with a car on CO2 emissions. Although it is a vehicle, it would be a mistake not to recognize the actuality beyond the large, limpid windows on this ongoing transport.

If older people can go to places to get money in sympathy because they are old why is it that they seem to need free bus passes? When human life is thrown into the picture, the tables turn degrees.

Its just him and the ride; its as innocent as that. They need less home carers. So you thank them as you leave, and they tell you to have a nice day or evening.

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Isolation causes feelings of depression and brings on other mental disorders that will eventually cause rapid decline and hospitalization.If you are so inclined, you can ride your bike to the bus stop and take it with you to your destination.

There is a rack on the front of the bus where bikes can. IT was a hot day and I was in a hot temper, in a crowded Mazda, called W, bouncing painfully, on the twists and turns of M.A.

Jinnah Road, Karachi. I was standing in the narrow aisle of the. A walk to the bus stop may only be short, but if it leads to a bus ride to the nearest community hall for a tea dance and a chat, then the fact the elderly didn’t have to pay for that bus ride means they can still regard themselves as an active member of society, despite their straightened financial means.

Riding a transit bus is 79 times safer than car travel. Time spent on the bus can be used to catch up on work, read or just relax. Get exercise by walking more to bus stops or take your bike and ride the bus. Observational Bus Ride Essay. Got on bus at MacArthur Bart station until the Fruitvale station Introduction- The East Bay area is an economically diverse community with many satisfactory and unsatisfactory aspects.

Try the bus or train for longer trips Buses, trains, light rail and ferries generally have dedicated travel paths that are quicker than sitting .

Why ride the bus essay
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