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More In Our Research Programs. This is perhaps the most important initial decision to be made, as once this is decided, the objectives, hypotheses, and methodology can be planned. Multivariate and other relevant statistics can be employed in discussion with the statistician.

Using that knowledge, researchers will develop strategies to support couples who want to restore intimacy after prostate cancer treatment. The first step is identifying the area on which a researcher wants to do a study. Society grantee Shahab Asgharzadeh, MD, is developing a gene expression tool to predict which children can be cured with chemotherapy alone, thus sparing them the brain-damaging effects of radiation.

But the treatments responsible for saving lives can result in lasting health problems.

How to Plan Research in Palliative Care

CONCLUSION The main observations should clearly indicate the conclusion, which is like the final answer to the question raised as the aim, even if, the answer is negative, incomplete, or inconclusive.

Santosh K Chaturvedi; E-mail: These are usually dictated by the Institute or the journal. First, to know about what is already known about the theme one wants to pursue? When the aim is a statement, it could be like-to study the clinical and demographic factors related to terminal delirium or to study the efficacy of newer analgesic in the management of cancer pain, to understand the development of stress among palliative care professionals.

Information should be collected in an unbiased way.

Hospice Statistics & Research

A recent analysis using data from the Studies of Cancer Survivors showed that survivors in this study were generally not compliant with Society guidelines in the areas of nutrition and physical activity, but were compliant with the recommendation to avoid tobacco.

The findings can also be presented at any scientific conference. If an intervention is involved, this should be done in a standard way. There may be a need to develop operational guidelines.

Cohort studies include a group of subjects who are observed periodically till the end of the study.

This paper gives simple methods of planning and conducting a research in the area of palliative care in India.

The source of sample also needs to be identified, whether the sample would be from general population, out patients, admitted patients, hospice, community care centre, from staff, relatives or caregivers.

Sample size needs to be adequate for the study and varies between the types of the studies. Nobody who does not consent need be included in the study. If not, why not? Palliative care is a relatively new field, especially in India, and requires much active researches to give us knowledge based on local settings and environment.

The results are in the form of transcripts and verbatim accounts. Blinding is done to remove rater or subject bias. The data can be entered into a statistical package like SPSS or on an excel sheet. Open studies or blind studies In open studies, the subjects and researchers are aware of the intervention and who is getting it.

The literature search should be thorough, after consulting relevant books, journals, internet sources and search engines. Limitations There is no harm in acknowledging the limitations of the study, as all studies are bound to have some limitation or the other.

The statistics could be simple description of subjects with percentages, mean, median, standard deviation. The Society is committed to continuing its efforts in this area. Fertility problems are another long-term effect of treatment faced by young survivors.

In collaboration with the National Cancer Institute and the American College of Surgeons, Tenbroeck Smith, director of patient reported outcomes research in the Behavioral Research Center, has initiated the Patient Reported Outcomes Symptom and Side-Effects Study PROSSES to address the Society goal of establishing and implementing a process to measure the effective control of pain, other symptoms, and side effects for those who have been affected by cancer.

As the number of cancer survivors continues to grow, finding ways to help them live well will become increasingly important.

Palliative Care Research

The research or study may be done as an academic requirement for the educational course as a thesis or dissertation, or for individual interest, or through funding opportunity.

However, research in different aspects of palliative care is important. The hope is healthcare providers will use the questionnaire to identify patients with fertility concerns in order to connect them with support and information.

The inclusion and exclusion criteria can be fixed to study the sample which needs to be studied and exclude unwanted or undesirable sample. The aim should be as specific as possible, which would make it easier to plan out an appropriate methodology for the study.Hospice Care Research - Elaine was a vibrant wife, mother of six, and grandmother.

She was extremely health conscious going in on a yearly basis for her regular mammogram when unexpectedly she was told she had a cyst in her breast. Palliative Care research papers discuss the medical approach in caring for patients with serious illnesses, focusing on the relief of pain and stress symptoms.

The American Cancer Society dedicates millions of dollars each year to palliative care research. This cancer research studies the physical, mental and emotional effects of cancer. Access NHPCO’s Performance Measures, Facts and Figures, Resources for the Conduct of Research, and the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.

Hospice Statistics & Research | National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. Research in palliative care has its challenges. However, research in different aspects of palliative care is important.

This paper gives simple methods of planning and conducting a research in the area of palliative care in India. Research is important in any area of science, health, and medicine to.

Through from my research to make this essay, I found the palliative care in originally is created for the quality of life which I was thought quality of life is a part from palliative care. Cite This Work.

Research papers pallative care
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