Our troops should come home

Please update your browser at http: The quicker they are whipped, the quicker we can go home. Military service can take you beyond American boarders, making it pretty difficult to build credit in this way. We have employers who will hire you without experience.

Good evening, my fellow Americans. I have been deployed a few times and I always look forward to the letters and support you all provide.

What Deployed Troops Really Want in Their Care Packages

And we want to be here for you to answer those questions. Operation Shoebox New Jersey volunteers pack 1, care packages at Manville VFW It was a close call, with embers flying overhead and landing alongside our building.

He explained to me that the movie was a very good portrayal of Patton in that it was the way he wanted his men and the public to see him, as a rugged, colorful commander.

OPSHBX NJ expects to pack 1, boxes during the event; since its first packing event intens of thousands of volunteers have hlped assemble and shipcare packages overseas. For some, it takes days. Let the Germans do that.

America’s Soldiers Deserve a Better Rifle

He was all that he was cracked up to be, and more. Hirsch is the spirit and force behind Operation Shoebox New Jersey, an ever-expanding idea that brings hundreds of volunteers together several times a year to remind service members abroad that they are remembered and appreciated.

My sincere thanks to everyone for ensuring the supply line of personal care packages from Operation Shoebox New Jersey continues to reach the men and women of the US military deployed overseas. Those are the things that interest me. A Loan-Free Alternative Some military personnel may not need a loan to get a car.

Volunteers needed to help at weekend Supermarket Shopping Sprees Call for further information. This distinguished award honored the efforts of non-Rotarian women who have made a significant contribution to the development and progress of others in their communities. The auction will be held after conclusion of the 5: The other two factors on which we will base our withdrawal decisions are the level of enemy activity and the progress of the training programs of the South Vietnamese forces.

My peers and commanders have just started to use the proper pronouns with me and give me nothing but support. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to sit down and write a short letter or card to the troops; all cards and letters will be inserted into the boxes.

After all, we became involved in the war while my predecessor was in office. He told them truthful lessons he had learned that would keep them alive. To keep the sand out of their eyes, the dog gets a set of dog goggles, called Doggles. There are powerful personal reasons I want to end this war.

Top US General Says American Troops Should Be Ready To Die For Israel

So as I sit here and receive letters that say thank you for your service, I want to say thank you for your service as well, without your support there would be a lot more people struggling being away from their families, missing birthdays, the birth of their children and a personal reason, my grandma fell ill with sepsis and was dangerously close to passing away.

The number of Paul Harris Fellows reached the one million mark in They were not going through the motions of soldiering with three thousand miles of ocean between them and English soil. The First Lady and her staff visited Operation Shoebox New Jersey headquarters in Hillsborough to present the award to Hirsch and to help pack care packages.

Savor the taste of that one for a while. The number of different ways to support the military troops is virtually unlimited. Gary Small stood inside the rectangle of tables ready to refill bins from which a constantly moving line of young and old, big and small volunteers plucked items to fill zip-locking plastic bags with the variety of items.

A dead hush fell over the hillside. They are not supermen.May 05,  · Here, on the 40th anniversary of the month I enlisted into the Army, it seems apropos to note that the United States Army and Marine Corps are still carrying ve. "We are Mired in Stalemate" Broadcast Tonight, back in more familiar surroundings in New York, we'd like to sum up our findings in Vietnam, an analysis that must be speculative, personal, subjective.

Operation Iraqi Freedom: Operation Enduring Freedom/Afghanistan: Copyright © mint-body.com Help Support our Troops! As a proud supporter of our troops, mint-body.com has worked with our valued customers to send thousands and thousands of care packages to our servicemen and women stationed overseas.

JOIN. With the Girl Scouts, you'll make new friends and have a ton of new experiences that show how exciting the world is. Start the fun today! Get Started. Being deployed to Iraq had its ups and downs, but receiving packages from home definitely made the time I spent there less stressful.

Some of the best care packages I received were the ones that had practical items in it.

Our troops should come home
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