Leadership management of the virgin group

The planning function of management is the first step to creating a winning team of managers. Branson, right from the humble beginning of the student magazine, has been at the helm of affairs in building the business empire known today as Virgin Group Ltd.

Virgin Group Limited is a British branded venture capital conglomerate organisation founded by business tycoon Richard Branson. It tries to create the loyalty of the customers; the innovative management inspires the employees Leadership management of the virgin group be actively engaged in the organisation http: Advertisements Last edited by bhautik.

Others are financed through joint venture agreements or external debt. This type of leadership can lead to greed and a lack of teamwork. He has instilled his anti-corporation and anti-bureaucracy policies across Virgin Group. The diversity of businesses operated by Virgin Group helps the company maintain a high level of loyalty in many different industries.

I also believe that for Branson to grow this business empire profitably and see it survive him, his should have a rethink and refocus the business along the following lines: Each division of the company shares the same brand and is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the brand and increasing customer awareness of the Virgin brand.

It is difficult with the current structure, to differentiate Virgin from Branson. This philosophy sets the tone for the management team within the company. Managers can utilize many different strategies to maintain a healthy organizational structure.

The organizational culture of Virgin Group is quite complex. The transformational leadership has proved to be a valuable tool for executives, managers, and workers alike.

Their goals will differ substantially from that of Virgin Mobile, which will need to take much different steps in order to become a successful business. Thence, the opportunity of good quality, brilliant customer service and value for money might be lost. Strategic decision making and policy direction are done by Branson and a few chief executives of his companies.

What are some indicators that they do or not do strategic planning? Narrowing this perspective to Virgin Group specifically, it is glaring to note that the privatized railway industry in the United Kingdom where Virgin has acquired great stake; has performed so poorly that it nearly ruin the hard earned brand name of the group.

By putting people in the jobs that they a best suited for it will lead to a more enjoyable and effective working environment. The top executives are in charge of determining these goals and explaining them to the rest of the company.

This innovative thinking helps to create a healthy organization structure. Second, these goals must be organized within each division. The current Virgin logo was originally sketched on a paper napkin and remains largely unchanged since The bottom line here is that, these companies are not public, but privately owned and financed by internal cash flows and equity.

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Delegation is a great way to develop the skills of employees.Josh is CEO of the Virgin Group and is responsible for the management of the Group’s capital investments and the Virgin brand. Josh has been with Virgin sincepreviously serving as the Group’s General Counsel before taking on the CEO role in 7 Effective Leadership Lessons from Richard Branson Effective leadership transformed Richard Branson's Virgin Group into a global empire.

Improve your position in the workplace with a few lessons from this respected, self-made billionaire. Analysing The Leadership Of Virgin Group Business Essay. Print Reference this In this study we are going to see how things are being managed at leadership levels by Richard Branson and his team for virgin group and how it is leading towards success of business.

Leadership Management of the Virgin Group

Result Oriented Management. Results-Based Leadership. SECI model. Servant. Change is the only constant in the world so when the world changes it is a must for an organisation to have the pace of change, to anticipate a success ahead. Virgin Atlantic has undergone many changes as the case in 49% of Virgin Atlantic’s stake was sold to Singapore Airlines to have a [ ].

Strategic Management: (Virgin Group Ltd) Ironically, this style of leadership, coupled with absence of established formal business conventions, has made many undermine the values and business powers of the Virgin Group; with British Airways being a major victim of this 'corporate disguise'.

Leadership in Virgin Group Company History

Leading is perhaps the most interesting and important function of management to the Virgin Group. The leadership dynamics start with Chairman Richard Branson.

He is a very vocal and flamboyant leader.

Leadership management of the virgin group
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