Leadership in an age of uncertainty

Leadership begins and ends with people. This moment feels very pregnant since everything is all so theoretical and not yet real.

Management under the concept of diversity and inclusion. The Five Steps All Leaders Must Take in the Age of Uncertainty simbarashe kamba July 19, This is baseline insightful article, that, would-be business leaders and current leaders need to have take-a ways.

Keep your eyes open as you may be forced to make rapid decisions in a setting in which there is so much we do not know. Be alert, nimble, act with urgency and be fierce! Separating the wheat from the chaff. We need it now more than ever before.

Have we not learned that government moves slowly? Re nature of intervention, this way of thinking changes the design and execution of strategic interventions. Contending with challenges The world in which we live entails plenty of challenges, and plenty more to come, but what about solutions or tools for coping with the situation?

In order to find a balance within this polarity, we must plan scenarios, responses and flexible, relevant plans, and create a spectrum of alternatives based on rational thinking and healthy intuition.

How to Lead in Uncertain Times

In JanuaryMarkey was appointed by President Obama to serve as the regional administrator for the U. We all find it easier to connect with people who resemble us.

But working with people who are different in many aspects — worldviews, education, language, culture, age and gender — is quite a challenge.

We are working hard not to be reactive and not to overreact but to be strategic. A statement that emphasizes the importance and necessity of information, particularly in the days which saw the start of the scientific revolution, when knowledge began to come out of church cellars that allowed entry to just a few.

However, when tested in the real world, all these predictions prove to be way off target as reality surpasses any imagination, or as the case may be here, any vision. In fact, my podcast is actually called Nonprofits Are Messy.

Many changes may be 12 — 18 months down the road. Knowledge and information as raw materials remain, of course, just as important in our era as well, but separating the significant from the insignificant becomes much harder to do in a world where typing one word in Google yields hundreds of thousands of results.

She facilitated the direct line of communication between the department and governors and mayors across the country on all DHS mission areas, including cyber security, terrorism prevention, transportation security, immigration enforcement, border security, human trafficking and disaster assistance.

Your first point about understanding the whole ecosystem — we have a client which used the approach to inform their strategy development, by modelling how the battle for supremacy in their ecosystem was likely to play out and therefore pick a strategic partner to collaborate with.


These rapid transformations require leaders of organizations to adopt diverse competencies, different to those they were accustomed to until today.

Fortunately, I had the privilege of growing within a company that grows faster than my aspirations. A company that challenges my goals and objectives, and whose pyramid keeps going up.

One of the unexpected benefits of the approach has been a catalogue of about patterns of strategy which we see playing out in different organisations and different contexts. Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium, 7 p. You have a unique role in your organization, your sector, your community, your state, your neighborhood.

Manzullo also led two of the largest official Congressional delegations to visit dignitaries in China, Australia, and New Zealand. Thoroughly enjoyed the article for it is relevant to the kind of industry that the organization I work for belongs. Manzullo was also appointed by the Speaker of the House to serve as chairman of the Canada-U.

From IQ to EQ. Those who are afraid of mistakes will make a mistake in a bad case, and in a worst case will do nothing at all. He co-founded and co-chaired the bipartisan House Manufacturing Caucus and also served as a co-chair of the House Automotive Caucus.

To become part of a community of leaders. The nonprofit sector needs you. Manzullo has spoken before numerous groups on financial services and trade issues.

These skills become much more significant when it comes to a global company operating in various countries that have a wide range of cultures, people, languages and habits.

Below are enumerated but a few of the more common and extreme scenarios we are anticipating: She participated in the sale of the company to a group of investors.

Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty

You know how folks say that going to the gym and working out can reduce stress? Manzullo is well-known as a staunch advocate for small business, manufacturing, and trade between the United States and Asian economies.Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty The Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues is establishing a series of programmatic events dedicated to the theme of leadership in an age of uncertainty.

I asked some folks in the trenches – five wonderful and diverse nonprofit leaders across sectors – to share their thoughts about how they are approaching the uncertainty in their organization and to offer a piece of advice on how to contend with the unchartered waters ahead.

One important note. A special thank you to Hal Gregersen for providing many of the images on this site. Leadership Is Distributed. That is, leadership is not solely the purview of the CEO, but can and should permeate all levels of the firm (Peter Senge, “Leading Learning Organizations: The Bold, the Powerful, and the Invisible,” in Frances Hesselbein, et al., The Leader of the Future, Jossey-Bass, ).

Leadership Is Personal and Developmental. Business leaders increasingly find themselves in unfamiliar territory marked by high levels of uncertainty and instability, a slowing global economy, and shifting political realities.

Global economic policy uncertainty has tripled since and continues to accelerate. 1 Our own research shows that this systemic uncertainty feeds into corporate decision. MIT Research Brief: Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty by Deborah Ancona, Seley Distinguished Professor of Management at MIT Sloan School of Management and the faculty director of MIT Leadership Center.

Leadership in an age of uncertainty
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