Kristens cookies precase essay

The new constraint for baking would be 5 minutes because there are two ovens now that it decreases the respective cycle time for baking by half.

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The additional oven will be very useful since the main Bottleneck encountered in this process is the time taken to bake the cookies. I can start this rush order, and it will take 8 minutes to wash, mix and spoon the cookies, so the delay will be at most 1 minute.

It will reduce my working time. Effect of adding new oven: However, in order to get higher profit we can set lower discount, which still will attract customers. We need food processor only once during the cycle, that is why one is enough. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Problems for further thought 1.

Kristen cannot make more cookies without space in the oven, and her roommate cannot continue to finish the order without the Kristens cookies precase essay cookies either. If I were to do the whole process by myself it would take me 36 minutes to fill 2 orders which come back-to-back.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The oven is the bottle neck because it takes the most time and the operations cannot continue without baked cookies. In this case, the delay will be 10 minutes. That is my time will be reduced by 6 minutes for a 2 dozen order and 12 minutes for a 3 dozen order.

The major factors that should be considered at this stage of planning the business are what prices to charge, how many orders to accept and what can the profit be, the business has no extra costs apart from the input costs.

In order to know the effect of adding the oven, we need to know the hourly capacity of tasks before and after: We should make SWOT analysis: In this case, all cookies will be fresh.

In order to find the time for filling a rush order, we just need to sum up the amounts of time needed for each task: In our case the bottleneck is the baking process, because the oven can hold only 1 tray.

Kristen’s Cookie Company Essay Sample

Adding another oven assuming it only took one dozen stillwould increase the capacity to 10 orders an hour because the bottle neck would become washing and mixing the ingredients which would be 1 minute more per dozen in the process.

At the moment, Kristen is actually continually waiting on oven space to be available which is what is slowing operations down, so I would stay with one since it would just increase your fixed costs.

We can offer several types of cookies and customers will choose what they want. We should set the appropriate price for our product and think about potential discounts. But in order to be sure that our customers will not be disappointed of waiting too long, we should allow 18 minutes safety margin.Kristen's Cookie Company Case study 6- Are there any changes you can make in your production process that will allow you to make better cookies, or more cookies in less time, or at lower costs.

Kristen’s Cookie Co. - Case How long will it take to fill a rush order? How many orders can you fill in one night assuming 4 hours each night? How much of yo. Kristen’s Cookie Company (A1) Kristen’s Cookie Company Kristens Cookie Co. (A) Operations Management Kristens Cookie Co.

Kristens cookie company Essay

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Words May 4th, 9 Pages | Kristen’s Cookie Company | Sunset Team 4 | Are there any changes you can make in your production plans that will allow you to make better cookies or more cookies in less time or at lower cost?

Kristen’s Cookies Precase Essay

For example, is there a bottleneck operation in.

Kristens cookies precase essay
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