How to write a guest list for a wedding

Do make your own rules and follow them Create a simple guideline to filter your guest list, like a one-year or even three-year test. Close Friends These are the people you see or speak to on a regular basis, or are significant in your life.

Whatever your rules are, there is a lot less room for hurt feelings if you apply them across the board. Consider additional guests Significant others When you invite a married guest, their partner will be automatically invited as well.

Prepare them for the idea and pay careful attention to where the singletons sit during dinner. Think about the sort of wedding you want — is it a big blowout with hundreds of people, a medium sized bash, or an intimate affair with just your nearest and dearest?

16+ Wedding Guest List Templates – PDF, Word, Excel

However you do it, once the split is agreed to, make sure everyone knows the maximum number that they can invite, no exceptions. Having a small wedding is the number one way to save money, so for budget brides and grooms, think bijou.

Also draw your cut-off line at a clearly identifiable place if you do decide to let guests bring a boyfriend or girlfriend.

How to write your wedding guest list

Make the rules This is where you need to firm up the following: Taylor Lord 15 of 20 For a family-only wedding, do you still send announcements to friends?

Again, try to keep the discussion to principles rather than specific guests for the moment. Design your dream list. Take your dream list and break it down into categories. Children Depending on the type and venue of your celebration, you might opt for an adult-only wedding without inviting any children.

To give yourself enough time to do so, mail the first round a bit early, at least eight weeks before. Make it easy on yourself and use The Knot Budget Calculator to play around with the numbers and see how much you can save or spend by subtracting or adding from your guest list.

An exception would be any colleague you see socially outside of the office—in that case, the coworker is truly a friend, not just a person you enjoy ordering lunch with occasionally. But a Sunday wedding could interfere with a Monday workday for traveling attendees.

Which friends or family make the cut?

9 Essential Tips for Making Your Guest List

It might be more difficult to exclude them during casual, daytime celebrations or destination weddings, though. When you start building your list, jot down the names of everyone you could ever imagine attending your wedding, from old camp friends to that funny third cousin you met once at a family reunion.

You and your future spouse should create your own lists that will be combined into one at the end. Jennifer Emerling 3 of 11 Picking the Right Relatives Your immediate family is a no-brainer, as well as aunts, uncles, first cousins, and grandparents.

Keep things efficient by sorting out the priorities while grouping your guests. Instead, politely call and tell them the deal: Would or did this person invite you to their own wedding? But we feel your pain. This way, you might be able to use your ideal venue without sacrificing too many guests.

As for your attendants—letting them bring an escort would be a considerate gesture.

How to Write Your Wedding Guest List in 10 Simple Steps

Can we un-invite them? Traditionally the couple gets half the guest list, and each set of parents gets a quarter of the guest list.5 People You Should Never Invite to Your Wedding By Lindsay Tigar September 27, Here, wedding planners share their best tips for who you should avoid including on.

Wedding Guest List - Build your wedding guest list and easily keep track of guest attendance, wedding gifts, online RSVP's and more. Toggle navigation Write a Review. This is where some of the best wedding guest list and Wedding Invitation comes into play.

Wedding Guest List Organizer This is an extremely simple option and you simply need to write down what activity you undertook and how many repetitions you did. How to Simplify the Wedding Guest List. Once you have written out a draft of your complete list, place each guest into a relationship category, Naylor says.

The first tier consists of essential family members (grandparents, siblings, uncles, first cousins); the second is close friends and extended family (second cousins); the third is. How to Begin Creating Your Wedding Guest List.

Here is a system to pull your lifetime of friends and family into one guest list. The Categories: Family: List them ALL, down the second cousins you see only at the family reunion. WeddingHappy® is an easy-to-use wedding app for managing wedding planning tasks, payments and vendors. For a formal wedding, you can go with either a small or large guest list.

However, it will be harder to maintain a relaxed atmosphere with more than a few hundred guests. Budget per guest.

How to write a guest list for a wedding
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