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The students were allowed to beg for their teachers. Some are young Essay day life beggar, some are men, and some are women, with children in their arms. He lives in a very unsanitary condition.

Sometimes their parents purposely cut off the hands or fingers of their children to force them to beg. Unfortunately, the number of such people are very small, So, we see beggars moving from door to door, beggars at the station and but stands, beggars before the gates of hotels, beggars before the restaurants, beggars on the sides of road and beggars in the places of pilgrimage.

A Street Beggar Paragraph

I know a beggar who visits our street every day. People take pity on their state and give them money. A beggar wakes up in the morning, and his primary goal throughout the day is to get at least one time meal food.

So, the life of a street beggar is very miserable. All beggars have their choice of area to beg. When a passer-by walks past him, he stretches his begging bowl for alms. Begging is a very bad thing, Government should make law to stop begging. Very often they go without food for days. He stands at the roadside and stretches his hand with shout for money.

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Can we give food, cloths, money to all of them? Really has become a fashion that a lady will carry a small baby, just to get attention from the individuals. Usually they wake up early in the morning, and start their business begging.

With this small income, he supports himself and his family. In ancient times the Hindu society admitted begging for medicants and their students. He begs for alms a sing-song way. Because they cannot live without begging. The beggars in towns have divided the zones among them.

Alternative Street Beggar Paragraph: They say that their house is burnt or their crops are flooded or they have been pick-pocketed. Many street beggars are thieves too. He has only one leg and moves on crutches.

The daily routine life of the Indian beggar can never be significant. We should rehabilitate them in proper places so that they can lead and live a normal life with the sense of honor.

They deserve our sympathy. So the children learn to beg from an early age We hear many cruel stories about street beggars. And we should make it possible for the street beggar to take part in economic activities.

But they have been saying so for years together. All such types of beggars are the Indian beggars. His voice is very sweet. His clothes are very dirty and bad smell emits from his clothes. The daily life of the Indian beggar: His daily income is varied.

It is against the principle of self-respect. He wears torn and patched dress. A man who earns his livelihood by begging in a street is called a street beggar."A day în the life of a beggar" reprezintă un exemplu de eseu descriptiv care a fost creat de către unul din profesorii noștri de limba engleză cu scopul de.

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A Street Beggar Paragraph: A man who earns his livelihood by begging in a street is called a street beggar. The street beggar is a common sight of any countries. His life is pitiable and deplorable. He is known to all of us. He stands at the roadside and stretches his hand with shout for money.

He is found all around.

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Essay on The Indian Beggar. Article shared by. Introduction: The daily routine life of the Indian beggar can never be significant. He gets up in the morning. He begs for the whole day. he does not approach the rich capitalists.

Essay on The Indian Beggar

He does not approach the rich capitalists. He never goes to the storied buildings.

Essay day life beggar
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