An argument in favor of homosexual marriages because they deserve equal rights and equal protection

They left it to the states to determine whether gay Americans have the same right to marry as their straight counterparts.

Yet Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan should be regarded as civil rights activists like any other. Despite the mutable definition of marriage, it is true that allowing gay people to marry could realistically be considered a redefinition of the idea of marriage.

At worst, homosexuality is unusual, but not unnatural. In general, this argument is based around the supposition that a child requires both a mother and a father to develop properly—this may appear logical on its face, but the evidence does not bear it out.

The second that we let our government start intruding on the personal lives of homosexuals, we open our own lives up to scrutiny.

They went north of the border because the disabled half of the pair feared death before the opportunity to marry. Currently, 41 have legal statutes in place banning gay marriage. I can anticipate an objection here. Adding such a requirement for the right to marry now is both unfair and would have serious legal ramifications.

In the s, when half the states still had laws prohibiting interracial marriage, over 90 percent of Americans still considered it wrong.

Straight people deserve equal rights to civil partnerships. Marriage is not for everyone

This was confirmed in Lawrence v. Society has no obligation to grant that. The law should be based upon secular morality and logic, not age-old superstations and ignorant customs from the Stone Age. Refuse to perform gay marriages. If you refuse to stand up when others are being unfairly persecuted, then you have no right to complain when it is you who is being persecuted and nobody comes to your aid.

On Gay Marriage, Will the Supreme Court Favor Equal Rights or States' Rights?

Such religious groups often put up extreme resistance to legal equality for homosexuals in societies which they have a strong influence. When children born this year reach voting age 18 years from now, they will surely wonder how it was even possible that America once deprived gays and lesbians the right to marry.

There are no fundamental reasons for forbidding gay marriage rights. While nine in 10 of year-olds were married at that time or had been previously, researchers estimated that only half of young couples would walk down the aisle.

That is, after all, what is equality is all about. Eventually, slavery was abolished, and interracial marriage was legalized, but it is still important to note that marriage was changed radically within the lifespan of our relatively young civilization.

Denying marriage equality is less a matter of secular policy and the integrity of the secular marriage contract, then it is religion bleeding into secular policy. In a national survey conducted last year, 65 percent agreed that "being homosexual is just the way they are," while only 25 percent believed that "being homosexual is something that people choose to be.

The Lovings were a humble working-class couple who simply wanted to live as husband and wife and raise their three children in Virginia, where they were born and where they and their extended families lived.

homosexual marriage Essay Examples

After the gay rights movement burgeoned in the s more and more public figures -- politicians, entertainers, teachers, judges, journalists, businesspersons, athletes and clergy -- acknowledged their homosexuality. In the United States, most of these anti-gay religious individuals are fundamentalist Christians.

Traditional gender roles ex. Marriages between slaves, when permitted, were annullable through distance ex. If homosexual behavior is documented in hundreds of species—ranging in complexity from fish to human beings—then it is, by definition, a natural occurrence.

Letting states decide on civil rights including equal protections and marriage rights simply allows bigoted states to legislate discrimination.

Fortunately, the general trajectory of recent federal laws is towards greater equality, but we still have a good way to go before full equality is realized. Both had enjoyed successful careers, one as a computer programmer for IBM, one as a consultant psychologist. While many religious people like to look at marriage as a static ceremony that has existed unchanged for thousands of years, this is simply not the case.

That Christian was forced to go to re-education classes. People under 30 were more likely to stay they knew a gay individual 84 percent than those between 30 and 64 77 percentand those 65 and older 66 percent. The Supreme Court case Lawrence v.

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The bad results of unstable households are lumped together with the parenting statistics of stable same-sex households thus the average results appear deceptively below that of stable married couples.

This argument is just wrong on its face and almost always ends badly. Most commonly, this argument is used to justify religious hate speech against homosexuals and to avoid anti-bullying laws.

In addition to this, any sex acts forced upon people who cannot consent ex. But most folks do not see this as the core element under threat as of yet.Yet, even if the statistical claims of gay opponents were true, they would not prove what they purport to prove because correlation does not equal cause.

Even if homosexual people were more likely to commit suicide, to be promiscuous, or contract AIDS than the general population, it would not follow that their homosexuality causes them to do. So why should we support equal rights? Because they are heroes, going out into a world that hates them and facing it with love.

Why should we support equal rights for Gay people? all people deserve equal rights even if they exhibit peculiar behavior like rooting for the Baltimore Ravens or hand out “religious” tracts on street. An Argument in Favor of Homosexual Marriages Because They Deserve Equal Rights and Equal Protection Against Dicrimination ( words, 2 pages) A battle has been in progress for years over whether equal rights and equal protection against discrimination should be extended to homosexuals.

An Argument for Equal Marriage Marriage laws should allow people to shape their lives as they wish but American, from New York: at that point, a marriage in their home state in the US was illegal. They went north of the border because the disabled half of the pair feared death before the opportunity to marry.

they deserve a more. Equal Rights for Homosexuals On the heels of President Clinton's address to a homosexual group, Greg points out that homosexuality is a moral behavior rather than the kind of innate characteristic (like race) that justifies special protections. Straight people deserve equal rights to civil partnerships.

Marriage is not for everyone It means, as Keidan and Steinfeld put it, they can gain “greater legal rights and responsibilities.

An argument in favor of homosexual marriages because they deserve equal rights and equal protection
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