A book report on sheila gordons waiting for the rain

He now has a choice to make: Liralen What interests me most about Waiting for the Rain is not the plot serviceable, but predictable or the characters again serviceable, but leaning towards cardboard but the original publication date: Samantha Rhodes There are many ways that the title I loved this book when I read it in 7th grade.

Sheila Gordon Writing Styles in Waiting for the Rain

It is very moving. One of the boys is named Frikkie. Tengo is so far behind in his studies that he studies constantly in an attempt to catch up.

To quench his thirst for knowledge, Selina asks for books from Mrs. Each time he comes to the farm on his school vacations, he first checks on each of his favorite animals before searching for his good friend, Tengo.

South African terms give way to American ones: Then, when Tengo stopped talking to Frikkie and started worrying about apartheid, the rain stopped coming. She is constantly sick [has tuberculosis] and stays in the kraal. Tengo hides in a shed only to be chased there by the soldier.

Nuanced, sensitive, and multi-focalised. Tengo and Frikkie both had similarities as well as many differences, and the author portrayed that very well.

Tengo is frightened and excited all at once by this opportunity. Appears in Part Two. Just as their friendship did.

Plenty of good things here. Similar to nigger as used in the USA. The last two chapters were sooo intense but in my opinion the ending kind of sucked. Ariana Feltenberger Overall, a powerful piece that brings attention to the significance of micro-aggressions that come with racism.

The cover is what caught my eye because it shows that niether one of them discriminate against eachother. It tells the story of two boys in apartheid-era South Africa, Tengo and Frikkie. As you can see, there are many meanings that can be given to a title.

Before Tengo sets out to leave, he is informed about a funeral held for the schoolchildren that were shot during riots. Glosses are supplied everywhere. Frikkie is a young white Afrikaner, his In fact, the book so closely follo The characters themselves, and their situations, often feel invented.

About the apartheid in South Africa. This work can definitely bring up some important discussions about key sociocultural issues. However, in Part Two of the book, he must choose which he wants more: Characters[ edit ] Tengo is the main character of the book. Waiting for the rain could just mean that there were people waiting for rain.

Oom Koos is the Oubaas, a senior, of the farm. Tengo is a willing playmate to Frikkie despite the differences between them. Gilbert is a white liberal who tutors Tengo to help him pass his matriculation exams and get to college. I mentioned that the characters sometimes feel a bit like cardboard.Waiting for the Rain by Sheila Gordon Report this Page This novel shows the bonds of friendship under the strain of apartheid as two lifelong friends, Tengo and Frikkie, come of age amidst the tragedy of South Africa.

Waiting for the Rain is a novel of South Africa by writer Sheila Gordon. In this novel, the main character is Tengo, a young black boy who grows up on a farm owned by a white family. Tengo is friends with the young nephew of the farmer, but as the two boys grow older Tengo becomes aware of.

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Get started now! Waiting for the Rain: A Novel of South Africa Shelia Gordon, Author, Sheila Gordon, Author Orchard Books (NY) $ (0p) ISBN Buy this book This novel about life in South Africa is sure.

Gordon's story walks the fine line between exploration of topical material and riveting narrative. WAITING FOR THE RAIN: A Novel of South Africa. By.

Waiting for the Rain Summary & Study Guide

GET WEEKLY BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS: Email Address Subscribe Waiting for the Rain lapses into social history; the stories of the boys seem lost in the earnest effort to fill in .

A book report on sheila gordons waiting for the rain
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